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Boy or Girl?

February 17, 2017

On Monday, I went to see my family doctor and he confirmed my pregnancy. I got my referral for an obstetrician. My pregnancy was great!

I had the typical morning sickness for the 1st trimester, and was more tired than I ever knew possible, but I couldn’t complain.


Just before the 12 week “safe-period”, we announced to my family that we were expecting! It was Christmas time, so my husband and I wrapped up a giant box with Christmas wrapping paper and stuffed as many pink and blue balloons as we could into it. We had filled them with helium and wrote Boy or Girl? And Baby Williams Coming Summer Of… and tied to the bottom of the balloons was the tiniest white onsie that said #2016 on it. We left that present for last, and gave it to my parents to open.


My mom was very excited to open the massive box that unbeknownst to her, would signal one of the greatest gifts she would ever receive. She opened the flaps and out popped the balloons. Our family was so excited for us, jumping up to give us hugs and kisses and wish us congratulations.  My younger sister Tamara was about 6 months along at the time, so we talked excitedly about how our babies would be so close in age.


Once we hit the official 12 week mark we invited my husband’s family over for dinner and announced our pregnancy to them. We had designed special t shirts for Mikes parents that said ‘I am going to be a Grandpa’ & ‘I am going to be a Grandma’. We handed them each a gift bag to open and were met with happy squeals, hugs and congratulations. My mother in law couldn’t wait to be a Grandma and my sister in law kept saying “I can’t believe you are growing a human inside of you!” 


Finally, we were home free to announce it to all our friends and our extended family! It was so hard to keep it a secret for so long! Those 12 weeks were the slowest 12 weeks of my life. I was so happy to finally share our excitement and joy with all those who meant so much to us <3


January 29th was my 1st appointment with my OB. My husband came with me. We were going to hear the heartbeat for the very first time! Needless to say, we were very excited!!  I laid on the table and she put the gel on my tummy. I was anxious… what if she couldn’t find the heartbeat? Five seconds later I heard the most beautiful sound in the world (at least until I heard my babies cry for the first time.)


“Ba bump, ba bump, ba bump...”


That went on for about 2 minutes. I looked at my husband, his eyes teary and his smile a mile wide, I also was teary and beaming.


Our baby was growing inside me, and its heartbeat was strong and healthy. I will never forget that moment.


Later, our OB wanted to ask us a few standard, important questions. She asked if we wanted to have a Maternal Serum done (Quad Screen). I knew my answer already. No. I didn’t need to know, because no matter the result, we would never choose to terminate.


My husband had never heard of a Maternal Serum test, so he asked the OB some more questions. She explained that the screening would test for birth defects, or genetic diseases such as Down Syndrome or Spina Bifida.


The obstetrician said that given our age and our good health she classified our pregnancy as low risk. Chances were everything would come back fine. It was up to us whether we wanted it done. “So would you like the test?” “Yes” my husband said, just as I said “No”.


My husband explained that even though we wouldn’t terminate he would like to know so that he could prepare himself should anything come up on the blood screen. For his peace of mind, I agreed to have the blood work done. Within the week our OB called. There were no concerns, everything was just as it should be. Phew.


The 2nd Trimester came and the all-day nausea dissipated. I suddenly had a lot more energy again. Everything was going great! We did all the typical things soon to be parents do in preparation for their 1st baby. Buying baby furniture, registering for Baby shower gifts, and reading as much as we could about how to take care of a new baby.


Finally, it was time to have my first ultrasound. We had already decided that we wanted to know the babies sex. We had intentions of painting the nursery before the baby came, and our mothers were bugging us to know the gender so they could start shopping.


So, there we were, sitting in the waiting room, waiting for my name to be called. I have never had to pee so bad in my life. I truly believed my bladder was either going to explode or I would pee my pants for the first time as an adult. Oh, the things we women have to go through ;)


Finally my name was called and it was time for the ultrasound to begin. As she pressed the wand down on my stomach I could see the images on the TV screen in front of me. I knew it was my baby, but had no idea what part of my baby I was looking at. Besides, I was very distracted; my mind was focused on not peeing the bed! Finally I was allowed to use the washroom. Any woman who has ever been through an ultrasound while pregnant knows how great that pee feels! :)


When I returned to the room, my husband was called in to join. Now, they let us listen to the heart beat, and then showed us the babies profile. The cute little nose and those high cheekbones. We saw the baby wave its little arms around.


It was surreal. I knew how this worked, this pregnancy thing… but seeing this little human inside me, it was amazing. It’s weird to say but it truly felt real at that moment.


The tech moved the wand around looking for the heartbeat again, when suddenly my husband yelled out “That’s a penis! It’s a boy, isn’t it?” he said as he looked at the tech. She just smiled and replied “I can’t say. You can call your OB in a couple days for the results”.


My next checkup was in a week, so we decided we could wait until then. It was March 21st, my birthday . We thought it would be an exciting surprise to find out then.


I worked that day, but my husband had the day off, so we drove separately to the Obstetricians office and waited excitedly for our names to be called. We were a bit nervous too as we were going to find out if everything was alright with our ultrasound results. Our doctor called us in and she started discussing our ultrasound with us. She explained that everything was great!


Strong heart, and the babies size & measurements were great too. The only thing they saw were a few small cysts in the brain called Choroid Plexus Cysts.


This sounded quite scary, but our OB assured us that it was nothing to worry about. She told us that they were usually not harmful and nearly always went away by the 3rd trimester. It was quite common to find these cysts in developing babies. She said that in a high-risk pregnancy or in pregnancies where the maternal serum came back abnormal, this might be something to pay more attention to, but that we shouldn’t be concerned.


We trusted her, and figured that it was in God’s hands, not ours.


I wasn’t worried, as this had happened to my mom when she was pregnant with my youngest sister and all was well when she was born.


Nearing the end of our appointment our OB asked, “Would you guys like to know the babies sex?” We told her we would, but I wanted to wait until after work to know because I wanted to be able to celebrate with my husband. I didn’t want to find out and then go straight to work. So, she sealed the results into an envelope and handed it to us. We went to the nearest Tim Hortons to grab some breakfast and a coffee before I had to go to work.


My husband said he couldn’t wait. He wanted to know. Reluctantly, I gave in and let him read the results.


I still didn’t want to know until later. I had wanted to find out in some quirky way like baking the results into a cake or having someone fill up a box with either pink or blue helium balloons and let us open it to discover the gender. My husband thought that was silly.


He went and sat down at a booth and I saw him open the envelope, smile, and nod his head as if to accept his new fate.


Then he sealed the envelope again as I waited for our order to be ready. He was very careful not to tell me anything when I finally sat down with him. I told him he had to surprise me somehow when I got home. He agreed, we kissed goodbye and I headed off to work, knowing it would be a very long day.


Finally, it was time to go home, and I drove home in great anticipation. I opened the door and walked inside, expecting my puppy to run up to me wearing a blue or pink bow around his neck, or something equally as exciting… but nope.


The house was quiet and my husband and puppy weren’t there to greet me. My husband called out “Don’t come in” He was in the soon to be nursery with the door shut. I waited patiently for him to come out and tell me what was going on. We had to leave soon for my birthday dinner.


Finally, he came to get me... and led me to the nursery. I opened it and saw my birthday present. An Elliptical that I had asked for... with a silver bow. Hmm. Well that gave nothing away. Excitedly I hopped on and thanked him for the awesome present (which I have only used 5x and is now sitting collecting dust in my basement, lol). Our dog was barking away, terrified of this weird new machine, so my husband told me to close the door to the bedroom. I did, and hanging on the inside of the door was a Blue and White striped onsie that said ‘Handsome Like Daddy’.


It’s a Boy!! We were going to have a boy! What??! No way! I did not expect this. I was going to have a girl. I had 3 sisters I knew how to take care of a girl. Everyone thought I was having a girl too. Even that old wives’ tale with the needle on the end of a string said I was having a girl first. 


It’s funny because as much as I wasn’t expecting a boy, the only name we had picked out was for a boy. I think my reaction was a little underwhelming. We both had hoped for a girl. But very quickly that all changed and we couldn’t wait to meet our little man.


We went straight into nursery planning mode. Blue walls, Elephants and Giraffes were the theme (lions and monkeys too).

I grew larger and larger, and looked forward to every appointment with my OB. I loved hearing the heartbeat each time, and being reassured that the baby was growing well.


Towards the end of my pregnancy, my OB started checking for the baby’s position. I was positive he was breech as it felt like his head was stuck in my rib cage, making it hard to breathe. She said it was still early, there was a good chance he could turn. I REALLY didn’t want to have a Caesarean section. I had always pictured and hoped for a natural birth. But at my 36-week check-up she said he still felt like he was breech. She wasn’t positive so she booked a fetal assessment for July 5th, just to be sure.


I remember crying on the way home from that appointment, feeling sorry for myself, that I probably wouldn’t get to have a natural birth. But again, I put it in God’s hands and was at peace.


A few days later my Mom and little sister came to visit for the weekend. They were so excited to see my big belly and couldn’t believe how close it was to my due date. Just over 3 weeks away. We had a great weekend playing games, talking baby names, and discussing my son, their nephew and grandson’s future. On Sunday afternoon, they left to drive back to Brandon MB. 3 hours away.


This whole weekend my husband was busy upstairs with home renovations. We had bought my husband’s parents home in January of that year, and it was a typical 80’s house. We also had got our puppy in the same month, and decided soon after that we needed to rip out the old carpets and put in new flooring. House training a puppy, and carpet don’t mix. Neither does gross carpet and a baby crawling around on it. In early May my hubby started ripping out the old flooring and installing the new floor.


We figured he would have plenty of time to get it done before the baby came. He was in the home stretch, one more room to go.


The day my mom and sister left he was just ripping out the kitchen floor and prepping to install the new one. I decided to stay out of his way and keep our puppy Topher downstairs in the basement with me and watch some TV. Suddenly I wasn’t feeling so good. I felt nauseous and like I was having the most intense menstrual cramps of my life. I laid down hoping it would go away but it didn’t.


It got worse.


I sat up and suddenly had the sharpest pain in my lower right abdomen. It was the kind of pain that paralyzed you. It caused me to hold my breath and just hope to God it would end soon. It did.


Wow. I remember thinking it must be Braxton Hicks. Almost as soon as it ended, it came again.


Holy Shit.


I let it pass and then waddled my way up the stairs. Pausing one more time halfway up as the pain came again.


“Babe, I think I might be in labour”. “Really!?” my husband said as he wiped the sweat off his brow. “Yeah I think so. I don’t know, I just had the craziest pains. I am going to take a shower. If it keeps happening, we should probably go to the hospital” “Okay call me if you need anything”.


I got into the shower and the pains stopped. I still felt a lot of pressure, but no more sharp pains. After I towelled off and got re dressed I decided I felt fine and that it was probably just false labour. I told my husband I was going to take the puppy for a walk. I grabbed my phone just in case, and went for a long walk around the neighbourhood with Topher.


When I got back we ate dinner and went to bed a while later.


We turned out the lights and I said to my husband “Watch, my water will break tomorrow at work, the last place I want to go into labour”. “Your still 3 weeks away, I’m sure it won’t happen yet”.


Ever since my 2nd trimester I had been telling people that I was going to have this baby early… and not just a week early, but at 36 or 37 weeks. They all told me I was crazy. It was my 1st baby and it was a boy. I was probably going to be overdue if anything. But I had a strong feeling I was right…


 Please Come back soon, and read what happens next :)



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